How to make a flint


With the help of a flint, the possibility of obtaining an open fire, sometimes necessary for survival, becomes simply salvation. In addition, it happens that during the campaign the matches got wet, ran out, and the lighter was lost. To make a fire, you need a flint. It consists of three elements: armchairs, tinder and flint. In fact, to find a way to make a flint, you need to get its components.

Flint: composition

As flint, natural iron sulfide, or the mineral pyrite, is used. When looking for silicon, you need to pay attention to the fact that the stone should be comfortable to hold with one hand, size, and also with a homogeneous surface without cracks. Pyrite must be dry. When a steel object hits a flint, sparks are formed, with the help of which a tinder is ignited with a further formation of fire.

The armchair is an object made of hardened steel with a surface having many small notches. They cut flint chips, which are heated and flared up by exposure to oxygen.

A tinder is a flammable fibrous material that ignites from sparks. As a rule, this is plant cellulose, and it must be dry.

How to make a tinder for flint

Tinder for flint

Before you make a flint, you need to take care of the availability of high-quality tinder. To do this, you can use: burnt dry rags, dried grass and moss, pine needles, birch bark, linen fibers, wood sawdust, shavings, fluffy cotton or cotton, waxed paper. Tinder is easy to do with your own hands, both outdoors and at home.

Methods of tinder mining in nature:

  • Break pine, birch or oak bark, remove thin strips from the inside of it. From the birch you can remove the upper thin layer of birch bark. Poplar bark is also suitable.
  • Pick fluff from cattail.
  • Cut the fungus-tinder fungus. Most suitable is its middle part, the driest.
  • Thinly cut the bamboo shoot.

In order not to worry about finding a tinder during the trip, you can cook it at home in advance.

Methods of making tinder at home:

  • Cut the cotton cloth into small square patches, place them in an airtight container. To do this, a tin can, covered with foil, in the center of which you need to make a small hole with a needle, is suitable. Then the container must be put on fire for about 5-10 minutes. When smoke stops coming out of it, the container is removed from the fire, the foil is removed. Cotton coal should form inside.
  • Use a regular kitchen metal sponge. You just need to take her with you on a camping trip.
  • Collect dirt from the dryer. Cotton fibers are easily set on fire if rolled up into a stick for convenience.
  • Coat cotton balls with petroleum jelly, place in an airtight container for storage.
  • Tear paper into thin fibers.

After preparation of the tinder, it should be placed in a sealed container and stored so that at any time when it is needed, the tinder is dry.

What to make flint at home


What can you make yourself a flint at home? There are various options:

  1. Cut the screwdriver in half, take one of its parts. On one side of the screwdriver, a cut is made with a drill, where pieces of silicon are placed (you can buy them), they are fixed on superglue. Further, the surface is processed by sandpaper. For ease of use, a wooden handle is attached to the flint.
  2. You will need a file with one smooth side. A part equal in width to four fingers is separated from it. After cutting, the end parts of the file are ground. Flint is selected according to a convenient size, the main thing is that one edge is very sharp. The smooth edge of the file sparks out against the sharp edge of the flint.
  3. A simple way from a silicon wheel from a lighter and a wooden clothespin. The wheel is attached to the half of the clothespin on a self-tapping screw. Instead of clothespins, you can use a regular pencil that breaks in half, and flint from a lighter is placed inside it. Then he reassembles and hones.
  4. Magnesium flint is used under all-weather conditions. For its manufacture, a piece of magnesium is used, one side of which is soft, used for cutting chips, and the second contains a silicon or ferrocium rod for cutting a spark. The principle of operation of the flint is very simple: magnesium shavings are cut from the soft side with the help of a chair. Then, on the other hand, a spark is cut out, setting it on fire. Magnesium chips will easily set fire to tinder or any other flammable material. The advantage of this type of flint is that magnesium chips burn during strong winds and precipitation, magnesium is not afraid of temperature and humidity changes, and is also not subject to deformation. Nothing is required for use except a sharp object for cutting sparks from a bar of magnesium.

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