How to make wood weapons

Being alone with nature, you have to survive, getting food with the help of improvised means. It’s good if you have cold steel or a hunting rifle with you. Once in a situation where there is neither one nor the other, you can make a weapon of wood with your own hands.

Almost any weapon can be made of wood: a bow, a crossbow for hunting, a knife, a spear, a prison, a slingshot, an ax, and even a gun. In more detail about how to make weapons from wood, see below.

What tree to choose for manufacturing?

Homemade knife, wooden

The choice of material for the manufacture of weapons is a very important task.

  • Birch is a strong and unyielding material; it is better to make batons from it.
  • Aspen, poplar and pine are softer and lend themselves well to various types of processing.
  • But the most suitable for homemade wood is oak. Oak wood is well processed, light in weight, strong, does not lose its characteristics over time.

Before you make a blank, you need to choose a material that does not contain knots, rotten sections, curvatures, heterogeneity of the fibers, then dry without exposure to direct sunlight. When the material is ready, a weapon blank is produced.

Do-it-yourself slingshot made of wood


The simplest weapon made of wood is a slingshot. With this throwing weapon you can hunt birds and small game, and for the production you need a minimum of materials - a strong elastic band or harness, and a branch with a fork (it is better to use hazel).

The fork is cut off from the main part of the trunk of the desired size, polished, a tourniquet is attached to both ends. For reliability, small cuts can be made at the ends of the slingshot so that the tourniquet does not slip.

Wooden club

A weapon of similar simplicity is a wooden club. The disadvantage of this shell is that for its use it is necessary to observe a short distance, which can be very difficult during the hunt. To make a club, you need to use a young tree, cut down closer to the root, where the wood is the most durable. Bark, all knots are carefully removed from the surface of the workpiece, it is soaked for a day in water, then dried over a fire until black, which is then removed by grinding with sand and grass. This procedure needs to be done several times, resulting in a durable club that does not rot.

DIY wood knife

Knives made of wood

No less complicated home-made weapon is a wooden knife. It can be cut in one piece from a wooden bar, or can be made from two parts. To do this, you need to sketch the workpiece on wooden blocks, then cut with a hacksaw. After that, both parts are glued together. If the manufacture of a wooden knife is carried out in field conditions, then, as a rule, there is nothing to glue the components. Therefore, it is cut from a solid bar.

The blade is sharp and well polished, after which it must be burned on fire, giving it strength. If possible, you can make a varnish coating of the knife, then he will not be afraid of moisture.

Wooden bow and crossbow

A bow or crossbow is an effective weapon in the forest made of wood. There are many video examples of making a crossbow that describe the whole process in detail. First, the crossbow body is cut with a groove for the arrow. An arc will be attached at one end of the hull, and a trigger will be made at one third of the other end. It is better to make an arc from several layers of plywood glued together, which bend after drying. You can make it out of metal. At both ends of the crossbow arc you need to make holes for attaching the bowstring. The arc is fastened to the body with a strong rope, if it is not at hand - with a wire. The bowstring is attached to the arc so that it closely passes over the body, but did not touch it. The task of the trigger is to capture the bowstring and its sharp descent. The design of the mechanism can be made in the form of a wide arc or a complex system of hooks.

Arrows for a crossbow are made of elastic wood, they are given a cylindrical shape, after which they are ground. The tip can be made either wooden, metal or stone.

From wood it is possible to make not only "cold" weapons. You can do something like a gun or a gun, but you need to understand that it will be short-lived. The algorithm for making the gun is simple: you need to make a frame out of wood, to which the barrel is attached, as well as a trigger with a striker, you can add a store. A metal tube is used as a barrel.

It is difficult to make a full-fledged gun out of wood, but you can make a dart-shooter, which will become a full-fledged hunting projectile. In order to make it, you need to cut the cylinder out of an empty aerosol can, into which a piston cut out of wood is inserted. To ensure normal friction, a rubber skirt is attached to the piston. Next, the stock is made using a large nail and spring. Inside the wooden frame, you need to make a hole in which the cylinder with the piston is placed. The trigger is produced similarly to a crossbow; in more detail, the process of installing it can be found on the video. The barrel of the dart thrower must be made using a metal pipe, and for darts, nails.

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