Finnish candle

Fans of outdoor activities, as well as hunters and fishermen, know how important it is to build a bonfire in order not only to warm up, but also to cook camp food on it. This is especially important in winter or in slush, when you constantly need to lay firewood and make sure that the fire does not go out. A Finnish candle, other names of which are taiga, Swedish, Native American, will give warmth and light for a long time, as well as ensure fire safety in nature. This design of the fire is easy to move without fear of burns, and it can burn all night. How to make a Finnish candle will be described in detail below.

Cooking on a Finnish candle

Features of the Finnish candle

An effective candle for burning is logs with a diameter of 12 cm and a height of more than 18 cm. When building a fire, the type of wood used does not matter, but it is better not to use conifers due to the release of tar, which sparks and crackes. In other cases, the main thing is that the wood used is dry, but at the same time, not rotten. The proportions of the Finnish candle depend on its purpose: for heating it is more convenient to use a thick and long log, for lighting it is long and thin for easy carrying, and for cooking food the candle should be thick and short.

Finnish candle for cooking

Finnish candle: how to make a video

The easiest way is the so-called camping, or - making a Finnish candle from finished logs, if any were found in the forest. It is necessary to pick up three saw cuts of the same size, to put them round tightly against each other. In the middle, a fire is kindled. Uniform burning in all directions will be ensured by the correct choice of chocks in height, which should be two diameters of logs in width. If you put a three-liter pot on these logs, it will boil in less than half an hour. As the logs are burned, they will need to be put up with a "hut", and then just lay firewood.

If it is possible to use a chainsaw, a Finnish candle can be made with one's own hands as follows: a thick log of at least 50 cm long is taken, and sawn in the middle crosswise about three quarters of its height. If the log is too wide, you can make cuts so that the log is divided into eight "segments". If you make more of them, then the Finnish candle will burn out faster. The log should be well fixed on the ground, propping up with stones or digging a little in the earthen recess. Sawdust, dry fuel or ignition mixture are placed inside the cuts.

If there is no chainsaw, a Finnish candle can be built with an ax. The lump splits as in a regular chopping of firewood, only into identical logs. Then they come together, bandaged from below by wire. A thick branch is inserted in the middle of the hearth, which serves as a kind of wick for the Finnish candle. If the log is not too big, the branch can be stuck in the ground, then it will act as a leg for a fire.

If there is no instrument nearby, a Finnish candle is assembled with its own hands. Thick poles with a diameter of at least 5 cm are collected, are installed around the branch in the same way as described above. On the inner side of the poles located in the center, you need to make notches with a knife to light up faster.

You can watch the video on how to correctly place a Finnish candle.

How to make a Finnish Primus candle with your own hands for cooking

A Finnish primus candle is used only for cooking, because its heat is not enough. Its difference from the usual Finnish candles is as follows:

  • The log should have a recess inside if it is solid. If the bonfire is assembled from separate logs, they can be cut in the middle, then joined, as described earlier, fixed with a rope or wire so that they fit snugly against each other, forming the outside without gaps.
  • The logs located opposite each other are trimmed or extended upward slightly more than the others by 5-6 cm. Made in this way, they form a structure that allows the fire to swell with air, while the flame will be directed mainly upward.
DIY Finnish candle

Thus, the fire is concentrated inside the structure, giving off heat for quick cooking. For cooking, it is better to chop a log into four parts, rather than eight. If there is such an opportunity, it is better to put a bonfire on stones or poles so that there is an air gap from below. Otherwise, you can cut a small duct from the bottom of the logs. It should be borne in mind that the focus concentrated in the upper part of the logs will burn for a long time, but not too intensively, and when firing from below, the fire will be stronger, but the candle will also burn faster.

In addition to heating and cooking, such a fire is often used as a signal beacon on the shore.

Watch the video: FINNISH CANDLE THREE OPTIONS (April 2020).