Do-it-yourself krabolovka: how to make a krabolovka?

Someone considers crab fishing as fishing, and someone as hunting. Crab is caught in the sea when the period allowed for this begins. In addition to a clearly defined fishing period, the rules of the fishing itself should be observed: you can not catch females and small crabs with a width of less than 10 cm in shell. A device for catching a crab is called a crab trap. You can hunt it manually, using a mask and flippers for diving, but not everyone has such opportunities or desires.

Krabolovka: photo

Crab photo

The simplest design of a do-it-yourself crab trap should consist of a rigid frame on which a mesh or other barrier material is stretched, as well as an entrance and bait. The trap is made according to the type of fishing tops. The trap is good in that it can be made from improvised materials, i.e. This is a good way to prey for survival. The size of the crab trap should be approximately 100x100x50 cm to fit the optimum amount of catch. The frame must be strong to withstand the onslaught of crabs from inside the trap. It is made in two types: in the form of a parallelepiped or a cylinder. As a barrier material, you can use a mesh, rods or wire.

It is preferable to use a grid, because it misses the smell of bait well. Entrance into the trap should be in the form of a cone. If the crab trap is woven from branches, entering from this material will be a rather laborious process. The crab bait should be placed in the geometric center of the crab so that nothing interferes with the spread of its smell, and so that the crab cannot reach it from outside the trap. Therefore, the bait is placed inside any container - a bottle, a fabric bag, woven from ball branches.

Organic food is ideal for bait, ideally meat or fish.

Even better, if the bait has a smell characteristic of the flesh, which has lain for some time in the sun. Knowing these basics, you can easily navigate the question of how to make a crab trap. To have an idea of ​​this trap, just look at the photo.

How to make a crab trap

Homemade crab traps can be in the form of a cylinder or parallelepiped. The first type is made as follows:

  • It is necessary to take a metal rim, pull a mesh over it.
  • The bait is placed inside
  • Krabolovka lowers into the reservoir to the bottom for about 20-30 minutes.
  • When the prey is inside the trap, it is pulled out sharply so that the crabs do not have time to crawl out.

The second type of crab trap is made as follows: a frame in the form of a parallelepiped is made of wooden or metal rods. Then it is covered with a net or weaving of thin twigs. On the sides are circular holes that need to be connected to the grid. The opposite ends of the tunnels are fixed with a rope and stretched. Tapering holes should result. The bait is placed in the center of the trap, then the structure sinks to the bottom of the reservoir in anticipation of prey.

One type of crab trap

Homemade crab traps can also have a non-standard look: a metal cable is twisted so that it looks like a bow (or butterfly). Lead is deposited in the center of the cable crossing. This prevents the ropes from tangling and creates a load. The space inside the bow is filled with a net, a rope is tied to each part. The bait is placed in the middle, and when the prey falls into the trap, it is pulled upward, pulling together the “petals”. The diameter of this trap is 60 cm, its advantage is that it can be easily folded inside the box without taking up much space. In addition, this is a more humane crab trap than a cylindrical one, in which the crabs become very tangled in the net.

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