How to make a boomerang out of paper

An excellent means of hanging out in nature can be the launch of a boomerang. This item originally served as a means of obtaining food from the ancient tribes of the Indians, Egyptians, Indians. Today it’s just a means of entertainment, made of various materials - wood, metal, plastic. You can make a simple boomerang with your own hands using paper or cardboard. On how to make a boomerang out of paper, we will consider further.

Paper boomerang

Classic Australian Boomerang

There are two types of boomerangs: returning and not returning. The second type is a type of throwing weapon. Its length is approximately one meter, and its shape is less curved than that of the first species. Both wings of this projectile are flat in shape, resembling the profile of a helicopter propeller.

Returning boomerangs will be of particular interest to children. They differ from those that do not return with a more curved shape, a smaller thickness of the shoulders, reminiscent of the wing profile of an airplane. The angle of the shoulders is usually 70-110 degrees, and the distance between the two extreme points is 38-46 cm. The returning boomerang is easier, therefore, at the start of the launch, it develops more speed than combat. He is able to fly a distance of up to 90 meters and rise to a height of 15 meters. The main condition for the boomerang to start correctly, so that it returns, is to start it in an upright position. Origami boomerang can be made of paper or cardboard.

How to make a boomerang do-it-yourself paper

Paper boomerang diagram

It can be difficult to figure out how to make a boomerang out of paper that returns. However, everything will fall into place if you watch the master class in the video.

To make this item you will need a sheet of A4 paper. It must be cut in half, determine the middle of this part, bend in half. Then return the sheet to its original state, bending each of the edges to the middle. Then the paper blank must be bent in half, from the folded side, bend the corners into a triangle. After this, the sheet unfolds, only one side is left curved. Now you can see that a diamond has appeared on the expanded part of the sheet. It is necessary to ensure that it takes on a clearer form. To do this, the workpiece is turned over, and on the reverse side with your fingers, a sharper shape is given to this rhombus.

The next step, how to make a boomerang out of paper, is to form its bend. The workpiece unfolds vertically, while the rhombus is on the left side. Its lower part is pressed to the bottom, and then the whole part begins to bend to the left. On the right, the first bend is the edge of the workpiece. The resulting design must be pressed with the hand down.

To make the boomerang made of paper strong, its edges are folded to the central axis. Half of the right side must be bent so that the part forms a right angle. Then the inner part of the left wing of the boomerang needs to be bent into the formed pocket, and then the body will be ready. To fix two parts of the product, you need to fasten them with a paper clip. To throw a projectile out of paper, you need to bend the corners of each of its blades. To do this, open the edge of one of them, bend the corners towards the inner axis. Expand the right corner, bend the cavity inward. The left corner is unbent, its edge is inserted inside the resulting hole. Similar actions are carried out with the second wing. In order for the boomerang to return back, it is important to throw it correctly: taking the shell by the edge or middle of the corner, turn the wrist when throwing.

A boomerang can be made of cardboard with several blades (three or more). Blade patterns can be found on the Internet and printed on a printer, then stick paper on cardboard or simply transfer the outline to it. The blades stick together in the center overlap with each other. The recommended length of each blade is 17 cm, width is 3.5 cm. All angles when gluing should be 90 degrees.

A two-blade boomerang can also be made according to the pattern. To do this, draw a template on paper in the box, then cut it out and transfer it to cardboard. If you stick a colored self-adhesive film on it, this will give the shell extra rigidity and beauty. The propeller blades need to be bent so that in profile they resemble a flat figure eight. To launch the projectile, you need to take it around the corner with two fingers of one hand, and then click on the blade with the fingers of the other hand. At startup, it is able to climb up to three meters in height, then return back. If you expand the blades even more, this will change the flight path of the cardboard boomerang.

To understand the technique of how to make a boomerang with your own hands, it is best to watch visual diagrams or a video on the origami skill.

Watch the video: How to Make an Origami Boomerang - Rob's World (April 2020).