Hiking Tea - The Best Natural Supplements

The leaders of tourist groups going on a multi-day trip entrust the purchase of tea to the most responsible or even take this function upon themselves, because tea on a tourist trip is a drink without which the whole enterprise will not be complete.

How to make tea in nature

Dish for brewing tea in camping conditions, most often also selected separately and used only for this necessary, one might say ritual, procedure. This can be an ordinary bowler hat or a special tourist kettle. The volume of the vessel is selected so that in the halt everyone gets a mug of this life-giving, fragrant, delicious, tonic drink.

If you go on a solo trip, a metal mug and a home-made collapsible stove will be enough

Natural supplements

Forest is not only birch trees, pines, Christmas trees and other trees. Drop your eyes and you will see so much of the most diverse vegetation that not only can, but also needs to be used for brewing tea, that all store multi-story racks will be bashfully turned away. So, from what to make tea on a camping trip, so that it is not only tasty, but also healthy.

Wild strawberry

Not only berries are used, but also all parts of the plant, including roots. In addition to an indescribable taste, it has such remarkable properties as fixing the stomach in case of diarrhea and relieving irritation in the throat.

Blackberry and raspberry

Fine blackberry acidity will complement the raspberry sweetness. But here you have to be careful. Both berries have a pronounced antipyretic effect and, as a rule, for a healthy person they can work in the opposite direction. So do not get involved in this drink.

Raspberries, like blackberries, have a pronounced antipyretic effect


The amount of vitamins in this berry literally rolls over. But before brewing camping tea from rosehips, the berries should be cleaned of hairs and chopped. And most importantly, do not digest. Long boiling will significantly reduce the content of vitamin C.


But the berries of hawthorn should be thoroughly boiled for at least 10 minutes. In this case, you will get a wonderful drink that normalizes heart activity and lowers blood pressure.

Lemon balm leaves

There is an opinion that mint does not have a very positive effect on male strength. Firstly, this opinion is not confirmed by anything. And secondly, lemon balm, although in taste and very similar to mint, but it is a slightly different plant. It has a calming effect, relieves nervousness and irritability, and normalizes blood pressure. Fresh leaves are enough to pour boiling water and let it brew for 5-8 minutes.


It has long been well known that this simple cute flower is suitable not only for fortune telling, but also is a medicinal plant. Dried raw materials are poured with boiling water and put on a fire. After 8-10 minutes, the drink with anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, sedative, analgesic, choleretic, diaphoretic and antiseptic effect is ready.

Tea with chamomile has a whole bunch of useful properties

Blooming Sally

The scientific name for this plant is different, but the people christened it more accurately and informatively. Ivan tea, and everything becomes clear. Brewing Ivan tea also does not imply boiling. It is enough to insist the leaves of the plant for several minutes and the drink is ready for use. It has fewer useful properties than, for example, chamomile, but it has general strengthening properties, and this is important for a multi-day tourist trip.

And the last thing, that everyone who at least once drank camping tea in nature claims with confidence. Repeat it in the city kitchen almost never succeeds. So, in order to enjoy this unique drink again, you have to pack your backpack again, stock up on groceries and necessary things and go to the forest. No other way.

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