What is an eternal match and how to use it

The equipment of many fishermen, hunters, mushroom pickers and tourists has an eternal match. Simple and reliable, it will help to make a fire in the most extreme situation, when fire is the only way to survive.

How does it work

It is important that the key ring “eternal match” has the simplest possible principle of operation. It is a small (half the size of a match box) metal container in which fuel is stored - usually gasoline. The tank is equipped with a metal rod, on the head of which there is a flint and a wick.

Eternal match

Having unscrewed the rod, which tightly closes the fuel in the container, it is enough to hold over the magnesium strip located on the side to carve out a spark. She will instantly set fire to gasoline vapor. As a result, the “eternal match” lighter will burn for 20-30 seconds - it is enough to set fire to kindling, birch bark or dry fuel for a fire.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any device, an eternal match has both certain advantages and disadvantages, which are extremely important to know before acquiring it. To begin, we list the main advantages:

  • Ease of use - working with it is no more difficult than with a regular match.
  • It burns longer than the usual wooden counterpart, and all this time it will not burn your fingers - the flame is always on the head.
  • Not afraid of water - even if a tightly wound waterproof eternal match spends several hours in water, it can be used immediately after the magnesium strip dries.
  • You can use it many times - you just need to remember to add fuel, only a few grams at a time.

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages. The main one is the price. Of course, a flintless eternal match is cheap - usually about 100 rubles, plus or minus a few dozen. But with this money you can buy about a hundred familiar boxes of matches - this stock will definitely be enough for several years of active use.

An eternal match must be used correctly. It is enough to gape so that the gas evaporates and the wick itself burns out so that the device becomes unusable.

In a critical situation, this can result in the most unpleasant consequences.

We modify a match, eliminating its shortcomings

Among the main disadvantages of this device, mentioned above, is the possibility of combustion of the wick. This is really a serious minus to be reckoned with. It is not always possible to concentrate on a burning match after a difficult transition that took a whole day. And nobody will like to be left without the only means to make a fire - an experienced tourist knows that in some situations this is tantamount to a death sentence.

Therefore, it is worth taking measures in a timely manner, sitting at home, in warmth and comfort. After all, it is enough to slightly modify the metal eternal match, thereby significantly increasing its resource and reliability.

We have already described how the eternal match works. The wick is impregnated with fuel, it evaporates quickly and the vapors ignite. When the fumes burn, the wick begins to burn. Therefore, you need to solve this problem.

The fiber of the classic wick is better to replace with asbestos

A small piece of asbestos fiber will come to the rescue. It does not burn, but it is easily impregnated with gasoline. If you carefully remove the standard wick and replace it with asbestos, then after the fuel vapor evaporates, the match simply goes out. It will be enough to dip it in a tank with gasoline and you can light it again - the performance will not suffer at all.

How to use and refuel

Some people do not know how to use an eternal match. In fact, everything is extremely simple here. Working with her is no more difficult than with ordinary matches. For clarity, we write the whole process:

  1. Unscrew the match from the container.
  2. Draw lightly over the magnesium strip.
  3. Set fire to a kindling or other flammable material.
  4. Put the match into the container and tighten it tightly so that the gas does not spill out - due to the lack of oxygen the flame will go out instantly.

As you can see, working with an eternal match is no more difficult than with a regular one.

Now let's move on to the next question - how to fuel an eternal match? The best option is gasoline for lighters. You can buy it in many specialized stores. A high degree of purification allows you to almost completely get rid of impurities that cause an unpleasant odor during combustion. Yes, and such a fuel is much less than gasoline from a gas station.

Gasoline for lighters is perfect for an eternal match

How to do it yourself

Some lovers of finding original solutions or simply tinkering travel equipment on their own often make eternal matches with their own hands. It is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

The wizard will need the following materials:

  • old AA battery (finger-type);
  • flint;
  • a small plastic bottle (milliliters 200-250);
  • a piece of plastic pipe included in the bottle;
  • a steel file having a fine notch;
  • mineral or asbestos wool;
  • fuel (gasoline is best);
  • copper wire with a cross section of 0.3 mm or more;
  • rubber glue.

Now get to work:

  1. Saw a piece about 25 mm long from the flint.
  2. Disassemble the battery, leaving only the case.
  3. Shorten the file - the length should be slightly less than the length of the metal-plastic pipe.
  4. Insert the file into the battery case so that it sticks out 20-25 mm on one side.
  5. Fill the free space in the battery with cotton - all but 2 mm from the top.
  6. Wrap a large part of the needle file with cotton - an area about 2 mm long should remain free.
  7. Wind the wire over the cotton - not tight, there should be a gap of 1-2 mm between the turns. Slide the double winding inside the battery case.
  8. Make a few longitudinal cuts on the tube. The optimum depth is 30 mm.
  9. Insert the tube into the bottle and fill the remaining volume (bottles, not tubes) with cotton.
  10. Pour gas through the tube.
  11. Insert the file with the battery into the tube.
  12. Spin the bottle.
  13. Fasten a piece of flint on the bottle with glue.

So that is all. The eternal match is ready and will surely be able to save you in any unforeseen situation!

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