What should be a mask for spearfishing

Spearfishing is a great hobby in which everyone can find something for himself. But in order for it to deliver extremely positive emotions, you should be extremely serious in choosing the right equipment. Not in the last place is a mask for spearfishing. What you need to know in order to choose exactly the model that is guaranteed to last for many years and does not cause the slightest problems? We will deal with this issue in more detail.


Arriving at the store for diving products, you can see a rich assortment of different models - the beginner is definitely confused. Therefore, we will start with the design in order to immediately remove half of the masks.

Today, all produced models can be divided into two categories: with a separate protrusion for the nose and without it.

The first cover almost the entire face - from the eyebrows to the upper lip. They look very chic and, it would seem, should provide a better panorama. But they are suitable only for small dives - at a depth of 15 meters or more, glass of this volume may simply not be able to withstand. In addition, a full-face mask for spearfishing causes problems if you need to blow your ears when the pressure drops - for this you have to pinch your nose.

For fans of diving to a considerable depth, masks with a protrusion under the nose are better

Therefore, for lovers of diving to a considerable depth, masks with a protrusion under the nose are better. They are convenient primarily because they allow you to pinch your nose to purge your ears without removing the mask. In addition, having a smaller glass area, they withstand significant loads without harming themselves - you can safely dive to a depth of more than 15 meters. At the same time, the glass is located closer to the diver's eyes, which provides excellent visibility - no less than that which the full-face mask for spearfishing boasts.

Now that you have more or less decided which type of mask is right for you, you can start choosing specific elements - only a mask that meets all the requirements of a swimmer will provide him with sufficient comfort when hunting.

The main criteria for choosing masks for hunting

Each mask consists of several elements. And all of them should provide maximum comfort to the owner - any deviation, even insignificant at first glance, may well result in serious problems when diving. Therefore, having studied each of the elements separately.


Of course, the most important element of any mask is glass. You should not even look at other materials - plexiglass and other plastics, even if they are well advertised, will never compare with it. If only because over time they become cloudy, become covered with scratches and can no longer serve the owner. Well, cheaper models are rarely able to last even one season.

Glass must be tempered. Thanks to this, if for some reason it bursts at a depth, it will crumble into small cubes, rather than sharp fragments that would probably damage the eyes. Typically, a special hardening says the inscription “TEMPERED” on the glass.

Make sure that the glass does not have the slightest defects - bumps and others. Otherwise, under water you will see everything distorted.

Mask space

So they call the volume, fenced on one side with glass, and on the other - your face. It is desirable that it be as small as possible. There are several reasons for this:

  1. When immersed to a considerable depth, the pressure will increase, and the air under the mask will pull up. For models with a small mask volume, this is not so noticeable.
  2. The viewing angle increases - the closer the glass is to the eyes, the less the obturator will interfere with enjoying underwater beauties, and at the same time tracking down the prey.
  3. Resistance to water during fast swimming and maneuvering gives much more trouble to divers with massive masks.

At the same time, models with a large mask volume do not provide any important advantages. Therefore, if facial features allow, try to choose the mask in which this figure will be minimal. Otherwise, a full-face mask for diving and spearfishing is suitable.


Behind this strange and unpronounceable word lies the rubber base of the mask. More precisely, once they were only rubber, today silicone analogues are increasingly found. Be sure to pay attention to the shutter - otherwise you will not see a good mask for spearfishing.

When choosing, always pay attention to the shutter - the rubber base of the mask

As already mentioned, models with silicone shutters usually appear on sale. On the one hand, they better withstand UV - do not dry out over time. On the other hand, and for many it is even more important, silicone is much softer than rubber. When diving 10 meters or more, this becomes especially important - the mask is squeezed under tremendous pressure into the diver's face and the rough shutter can cause a lot of serious problems.

The next step is color. Usually masks for spearfishing have an opaque shutter of dark colors - black, gray, blue, green. But in recent years, models with a transparent silicone shutter have appeared on the market. Many diving enthusiasts prefer them - you can enjoy the magnificent panorama, and not just the section of the seabed that is visible through the glass.

However, what is good for ordinary divers is not always good for the lover of spearfishing. The fact is that sunlight penetrates through a transparent shutter under the mask - especially in good weather and at shallow depths. It not only distracts the underwater hunter, but also turns the inner surface of the mask into a real mirror when hunting in dark water. As a result, disassembling something becomes very problematic.

That is why experienced spear-fishing enthusiasts most often sacrifice a panorama, being content with a slightly smaller view provided by glass. But nothing distracts from tracking prey, and indeed this is what the best mask for spearfishing should provide.


Another important factor that has been debated for years.

Many manufacturers try to maximize visibility, doing everything so that the user generally forgets that a mask is put on his face. We have already talked about creating masks with a transparent shutter.

But also install additional glass. In addition to one main glass, some developers also add glass from the bottom and sides. On the one hand, this is very logical - the obturator will no longer close the review, which means that the panorama will be even more chic, and it will be much better to notice the fish swimming from the side or from below.

Alas, in practice, everything is not so rosy. People who changed their swimming mask to goggles already note that two glasses cause a lot of discomfort - it’s too unusual to see two pictures instead of one. What can I say, if there are three or five such pictures! Therefore, as an experiment, swimming with such a mask will be interesting, but still buying it to use as the main one is not the best solution.

We go further in considering how to choose a mask for spearfishing.

Mask with diopters

But this is a novelty that appeared on the market relatively recently, but immediately gained popularity among a certain group of people. It is not surprising, because spearfishing is loved by both people with perfect vision and those suffering from myopia or farsightedness. Well, wearing glasses under the mask is impossible - you have to be content with a very blurry picture.

Spearfishing mask with diopters

Fortunately, a mask for spearfishing with diopters has recently appeared on the market. Yes, special glasses are produced that can be installed on an appropriate mask to correct a visual impairment, allowing a person to enjoy all the beauty of the underwater world.

It’s easy to choose them - just tell the seller in the store what glasses you wear with glasses. But if one eye has, for example, 0.8, and the other 0.4, this is a serious problem. Indeed, there is only one glass in the mask, and it will not work to adjust to such a serious problem. In this case, it is better to take a glass that focuses on a more “sighted" eye. Otherwise, you can plant vision permanently.

Use problems

Alas, it is not enough to know the mask for spearfishing how to choose - it is equally important to have an idea of ​​how to use it properly. Quite often, people, taking a beautiful model, are unhappy, believing that they face a cheap fake. We will deal with such cases.

The most common complaint is that the mask is leaking, which means the shutter is not of high quality. Yes, it happens. But not always. Just the facial features of each person are unique. Any mask sits perfectly on one, and for the other you have to measure dozens to achieve the desired result. To do this, during the fitting, press the mask to your face and try to breathe air. If it doesn’t work out, the mask will be a good purchase. You need to know about this simple rule in order to figure out how to choose a mask for spearfishing.

Another problem when using it is fogging the glass. This is a completely natural process - moist warm air exhaled by a swimmer comes in contact with cold glass and moisture condenses. To prevent this, it is enough to rub the glass from the inside with a special compound sold in the store. As a substitute, you can use ordinary saliva or soft grass, tree leaves.

And of course, you should not swim after drinking alcohol - even a special composition will not save you from the vapors, and the mask will sweat.

Rating of popular models

To simplify the choice of the most suitable option, we will make a small rating of masks for spearfishing, giving a brief description for the most popular models.

Sporasub mystic

Sporasub mystic

High-strength mask with two separate glasses and a black, massive shutter covering almost the entire face. It will be a good choice for swimmers who plan to dive to a considerable depth and want to be sure of the reliability and safety of equipment.

Look from Technisub

Simple, easy, but at the same time very popular model. On sale, you can see models with both a black shutter and a transparent one. Therefore, there will be no problems with the choice - each buyer will find the option that suits him completely.

Technisub Spearfishing Mask

Glasses can be replaced both with ordinary and with diopters, and of different power.

Omer Bandit

Omer Bandit

Very successful model from the Italian manufacturer. Lightweight, with a small mask volume, perfect for swimming at any depths - both small and very serious. Provides a good overview due to the proximity of the glass to the eyes. Optionally, you can install diopter glasses.

Platina M-20QB

Platina M-20QB

This model provides a good overview thanks to the large, slightly curved glasses. In addition, the frame on the bridge of the nose is practically absent - it is so narrow that it does not worsen the view at all. The internal volume is minimal, which makes use even more comfortable.

OMER Abyss

OMER Abyss

Another model from the Italian company Omer. Glasses are small, which slightly degrades the view, but allows you to dive to a considerable depth. The under-masking space is minimized, due to which there will be no problems during operation.

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