How not to make a mistake when choosing flippers for spearfishing

Spearfishing is a great hobby. Combining fishing, hunting and swimming, it will appeal to almost any supporter of an active lifestyle. Well, to make it even more fun, you should seriously approach the choice of equipment. One of the most important are fins for spearfishing. What you need to know in order not to make a mistake when choosing? Let's talk about this in more detail.

Design Features

Experienced underwater hunters, buying new flippers, always pay attention to the heel - it is she who is one of the most important features of various models.

The heel can be both closed and open. In the first case, the leg is simply inserted into the flippers, as in a galosh. But in this case, you need to know exactly your fins size for hunting - someone else with a leg of a different size will not be able to use them.

Open Heel Flippers

Therefore, many lovers prefer the second option. It allows you to adjust the size of the fins within a few centimeters. By loosening the strap, you can insert the leg and securely lock it. It would seem that the advantage of such a design is obvious. However, as practice shows, this solution also has certain disadvantages. The main one is the presence of protruding parts. The strap and buckles cause a lot of problems if hunting is carried out in algae. In addition, they may well cling to the network established by other fishermen - and this already puts the owner’s life in danger, because it is not always possible to quickly and easily get out or at least remove the fins to save a life.

For this reason, many experienced underwater hunters, choosing fins for hunting, prefer the option with a closed heel.


The most important indicator of the properties of any fins is the material. Alas, it is simply impossible to name the best flippers for spearfishing. Each category has certain advantages, for which experienced swimmers appreciate it. Therefore, it will be correct to tell separately about each category, so that the reader himself makes the choice of fins for spearfishing, diving or simple swimming.


It was with thermoplastic fins that many diving fans began to get acquainted with a new hobby. Not surprisingly, they are the ones that are the cheapest, which is an extremely important indicator for many buyers. In addition, they are characterized by high strength, without harming themselves withstanding both normal loads and fairly strong transverse impacts, which would put less durable flippers out of order.

However, working with them is not as convenient as with more expensive and high-quality fins. More rigid, they lead to the fact that the legs get tired faster, and the swimmer’s maneuverability is significantly reduced. However, for a person who is just mastering a new hobby, the latter factor cannot be called important. But the fact that more effort is spent on ordinary actions is very important. Indeed, under water, the swimmer has to save every breath. Therefore, the overspending of energy delivers much more trouble than on the surface.

So, for a beginner, thermoplastic fins for hunting can really be the best choice. Having gained experience, having studied the basics of swimming, you can go to the more expensive category.


It would seem that such flippers should be a good compromise between expensive carbon fiber and not very convenient thermoplastics. Indeed, instead of ordinary plastic, fiberglass is used, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the fins. Fibrous fillers are also used. As a result, the price rises sharply - such a purchase is clearly impossible to call. At the same time, flippers are only slightly superior to plastic in terms of ease of use.

Speakers for spearfishing fiberglass

Because of this, some experts recommend switching from plastic immediately to carbon to get the best result without spending extra money. But this is a private matter of every buyer.

Quite often fiberglass products are modular. That is, the blades can be removed and replaced with others. This is very convenient - for example, if you need to change the characteristics of the fins or the old blades simply failed for some reason. There is no need to spend big money buying new flippers - interchangeable blades will cost much cheaper.


And finally, the dream of many divers is carbon fins for spearfishing. This is a really gorgeous purchase. This is what not only experienced underwater hunters use, but also most professional athletes. So, they are rightfully considered elite. High efficiency is provided by carbon fiber - it is characterized by excellent elasticity. Many models are equipped with additional features - special grooves, protrusions, concavities. Each millimeter of the surface is carefully designed and verified by experts using special equipment. Therefore, a very high price is justified.

But when working with such flippers, you should remember - they need to be seriously looked after, and also protected from bumps and other unplanned loads.

Quite often, a beginner, having first put on the best flippers for spearfishing, incapacitates them in a matter of minutes. A transverse impact that a thermoplastic would not even notice could well cause a crack to appear on the carbon fins. So, reliability will decrease significantly - you will have to buy new ones soon.

Therefore, such a purchase can be advised only by experienced divers who are sure that they will not abandon their hobbies for many years, and will also be able to provide appropriate equipment care.

Color gradation and hardness

Even beginners, buying the first flippers in their life, pay attention to color. Some people like dark colors (their fish will not notice), and others like bright and saturated (they look better, easier to find if they suddenly fall off their feet in muddy water). However, not everyone knows that in most cases, color is not a whim of designers at all, but a serious indicator.

Yes, even an ordinary diving enthusiast will be able to accurately determine stiffness from the first glance at the fins. And not only ease of swimming, but also the maximum developed speed and maneuverability depend on rigidity. Therefore, in order to know how to choose flippers for spearfishing, you must know about the color display:

  • Black is the highest rigidity.
  • Gray is medium.
  • Green, blue, red are soft.
Soft flippers for spearfishing

Knowing this simple gradation can significantly reduce the risk of error, as well as save time when choosing the right model.

Choice depending on hunting conditions

The ability to return home with a rich catch is important for one underwater hunter, while the other is more attracted to the process of diving, exploring the underwater world. In addition, you should remember the habits of the fish that you are going to hunt. One prefers ordinary flight, developing high speed. The other maneuvers more, trying to confuse the hunter.

Of course, you should choose equipment for the appropriate tactics. There are also certain subtleties that will be useful to remember.

If high speed is important to you, then long fins should be preferred - from 85 to 100 centimeters. In this case, the blades should be stiff and as thin as possible.

For hunters who rely on maneuverability, who are ready to sacrifice speed for this, short and wide flippers are perfect.

Those who want to combine speed and maneuverability as well as possible should pay attention to rounded models made of rubber and elastic plastic. The maximum length should not exceed 65 centimeters.

Also, one should not forget about the depth and course - they also leave a certain imprint on the choice of suitable equipment.

For example, if you plan to swim in a not too deep pond, where there is practically no current, then soft flippers of medium length will be the best choice. They not only provide high maneuverability and good speed, but also allow you to swim in shallow water, wade through thickets of algae, where quite often large predatory fish hide in anticipation of prey.

Will you hunt in great depths? Well, this is the choice of true professionals. In this case, it is worth buying longer - up to 100 centimeters - flippers having high stiffness. It is they that allow you to reduce energy costs when moving the diver vertically. And this is extremely important, especially if you do not have oxygen cylinders.

Selection tips

As you can see, the choice of fins for spearfishing is a rather complicated process, which has many nuances and subtleties. We list a few more features that it will be useful to know for every lover of spearfishing before he acquires unsuitable flippers, which will have to be changed soon.

First, let's talk about fitting. Some beginners believe that everything here is exactly the same as when buying shoes - flippers should sit tight and not reap anywhere. This is a serious mistake. Just perfectly sitting flippers should reap a little, but in certain places. Do not worry - if you buy quality products, then when you dive, this sensation will surely disappear. But if the flippers do not press, it means that most likely they are simply large and may well fall off their feet while swimming - it is worth trying on a model one size smaller.

The length has already been mentioned above - it depends on what exactly the swimmer wants to get. But in most cases, flippers from 70 to 100 centimeters in length are bought - only experts who know exactly what they want to get go beyond.

If you already had flippers, then when buying new ones, try to give preference to models either of the same length or larger. It’s quite difficult to get used to the smaller ones - in order to maintain the usual speed, you will have to work with your legs much more intensively, which will lead to the rapid accumulation of fatigue.

Do not buy flippers in advance. They need to be tested immediately after purchase - in order to be able to return them. If it’s not possible to go to a reservoir (for example, flippers were bought at the New Year’s sale), then go to the pool and swim with them until you are completely tired. Only in this case it is possible to determine whether these flippers are suitable for you or whether it makes sense to look for a more suitable model.

Browse Popular Models

To clearly demonstrate how to choose flippers for spearfishing, consider several popular models from the Italian manufacturer Omer.

Stingray Short

This is a very good model for shallow water. Made of thermoplastic, they will be a good choice for any beginner. The length is relatively small, but the tilt angle is quite large (as much as 22 degrees), which ensures maximum comfort when swimming at shallow and medium depths.

Spearfishing Stingray Short

Millenium runner

Another interesting model, which is already suitable for a fairly large depth. The special design of the blades, combined with the ergonomic shape of the galoshes, allows you to swim for a long time without unnecessary fatigue, and stabilization with active movement will be at its best.


These flippers are equipped with a removable blade. The angle of inclination is 17 degrees, which makes them almost universal. You can easily swim both in shallow water and at a decent depth. The soft blade makes it possible to develop decent speed, although maneuverability suffers from this. A good option for beginners who have not yet decided what style is most suitable for them.

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