Electronic decoys for hunting: types, subtleties of choice and the best models

Electronic decoys for hunting first began to be used in the middle of the last century, they were hard-to-reach imported goods. Today, these devices are represented by hundreds of items from domestic and foreign brands, their key differences are the effectiveness and quality of performance.

The essence and principle of operation of the device

The decoy is a compact hunting tool that can simulate the cries of animals and birds. It helps to attract wildlife, as it makes sounds similar to feeding, courtship in the mating season. Arrows using electronic decoys for hunting duck, goose or quail, imitate the voices of the bird in accordance with the place of distribution and time of year.

Electric tanks have a wide range of sound, their effectiveness is determined by two factors: the technical characteristics of the speaker and the quality of the reproduced audio track. The last criterion depends entirely on the integrity of the manufacturer, because it is at the factory stage that tracks for playing are recorded, and they do not always exactly copy the actual behavior of potential production. It is recommended to regularly update the sound library, as waterfowl tend to change their cries from season to season.

Problems with the sound of the speakers can be a serious nuisance. Their functionality completely depends on whether they correspond to field realities, whether they are fully operational. Often, hunters complain about distortion of the audio sequence, and in this case you have to either use the usual manual decoy, or look for a more advanced model range of equipment.

Which electronic decoy is better for hunting: types of devices

Serviceability and the overall level of quality of the device are determined by the completeness of the recording and the level of sound reproduction. Today 3 categories of decoys are common, each of which has specific pros and cons.


These variations can be called primitive, they look like highly specialized tape recorders, which make little competition to handicrafts. It is difficult to find the advantages of using such an apparatus, it is worthwhile to dwell on its weaknesses:

  • fragility and minimal protection from external factors, vulnerability to dampness and mechanical stress, careless handling;
  • fast charge consumption, the need for frequent updating of power supplies;
  • inconvenience in use;
  • low quality audio tracks;
  • small range of reproduced sounds.

Hunters also note the prohibitively high cost of equipment, not backed up by decent performance.

With electronic chips

This generation of devices shows a slight technical lag, however, it is most popular among hunters around the world. Its main advantages are the test of time and vast experience, affordable cost, rich assortment.

All the shortcomings of such decoys are caused by the fact that this category operates on the basis of technologies used 30-40 years ago. Users are unhappy with the high prices for new removable chips, their insufficient memory capacity, the difficulty of replacing, and the mediocre audio playback quality.

With memory card

These are ideal devices capable of fully functioning in the field, with excellent performance. The decoys reproduce a clear sound that best matches the real conditions and allows you to change the music library at any time. The devices have a protected case, not afraid of moisture, drop, heavy use.

We must not forget that in some regions it is forbidden to use decoys to hunt ducks, drakes, and quails, but it is acceptable to use them to track the population of birds, conduct scientific research, and observe the behavior of birds in the natural environment.

Popular brands of decoys for hunting quail, duck

The rating of leading items includes devices of domestic and foreign production. Chinese products occupy a special position - thoughtful and at the same time relatively inexpensive.

Hunter Help PRO

HunterHelp PRO has a rubberized case and low weight, attracts with the ability to change tracks in each channel (there are two of them, they are mixed separately). Indisputable advantages - intuitive operation and the presence in the configuration of a memory card. Thanks to a well thought-out case, you can take equipment with you in any weather. The remote control included in the package facilitates remote control of the call. The manufacturer has provided a case to facilitate carrying. The device is sold at a price of 39-41 thousand rubles, its only negative is the appearance of glare on the display when exposed to sunlight.

Hunter Help PRO electronic decoy

Mundi Sound MR104

MundiSound MR104 for 16.5 thousand rubles allows you to use an external power source and an external speaker, this compact device has a remote control. Together with the cover, it is not afraid of moisture. The memory of the device holds up to 40 imitations of the cries of animals and birds, which is enough for photo and traditional hunting. The amplifier delivers sounds over 1600 m.

Electronic decoy Mundi Sound MR104


PLURIFON MICRO-RDP is a compact and convenient device with a powerful built-in speaker. The cost varies between 28-30 thousand rubles. The technique uses the mid-frequency range, is not afraid of precipitation and high temperatures. There is a charging indicator that works on the LED, button functionality, a pause option is available.

Electronic decoy PLURIFON MICRO-RDP

Biophone 8M

The 8M biophone costs, on average, 7-8 thousand rubles, it can imitate about 90 screams. The convenient display and the ability to fix 4 frequently used phonograms in the device’s memory make the decoy indispensable for sophisticated hunters. Its only minus is poor protection against moisture, the user will have to independently protect the equipment from contact with water. It is possible to use two alternative batteries.

Electronic decoy Biofon 8M


BERKUT DU Profi TWIN is sold with a price tag in the range of 31.5 thousand rubles, its music library can include 185 votes, remote control is available. A pair of powerful speakers can cover an area of ​​up to 4 km in diameter; an electric tank is able to continuously operate throughout the day. High performance is complemented by a moisture-proof housing and unpretentiousness in relation to the temperature range.

How to make an electronic decoy with your own hands

High-quality models of foreign and domestic brands are able to distribute sounds for at least 2 km, moreover, up to 200 variants of realistic voices of animals and birds can be recorded on them. Such a segment of products is characterized by high price tags - the cost of popular models can reach 100 thousand rubles. Such instances are available only to rare amateur hunters.

If you have the proper dexterity, you can assemble an electric woman with your own hands, moreover, specific operational requirements will be met, and the cost of consumables will be reduced to only a few thousand rubles.

For this purpose, you need to find a reliable power source, a powerful sound amplifier and a high-quality speaker. Audio will be recorded on an MP3 player, all components will be placed in a sturdy case.

The most tangible expense items will be the amplifier and speaker (portable speaker), and the craftsmen do not recommend saving here. A 12-volt battery can serve as a power source.

The key element of the semolina collected at home will be the player, on which the voices of birds and animals will be recorded. For this purpose, you can take a smartphone in good condition or a used MP3 player.

Homemade electronic decoy

Recommendations for the use of electric tanks

To ensure that the effectiveness of the use of devices meets expectations, care should be taken in advance to set decoys (stuffed animals) in places potentially interesting to the feeding population. It is also important to properly position the speakers - the closer they are to the profiles, the better.

When using extension cords, the following relationship applies: the sound becomes quieter as the cable grows. To maintain the desired volume, you can use a portable amplifier. In this case, the speakers are installed at a 30-meter distance from the ambush. Amplifiers allow you to simultaneously activate up to 4 speakers, forming a surround sound, in this case, the realism of the simulation is enhanced. Directional speakers (by the principle of operation they are similar to loudspeakers) are not so effective, as they create a “flat” and rather quiet sound. After installing all the speakers, you must once again check the reliability of the contacts in the joints.

In order for the semolina to meet its expectations, it is necessary to set in advance a decoy stuffed bird in the place of hunting

Music libraries of modern devices are formed from bird markets that have the highest approval among successful hunters. When choosing a specific audio recording, say, for geese, it is necessary to take into account what kind of their appearance is artificially located nearby (meaning stuffed animals). Mixed bazaars can be formed depending on what type of bird flies over the territory more often.

This set of sounds can be turned on continuously or as the pack approaches for 1.5-2 km. When the geese fly up to 300 m, you need to gradually reduce the volume to about half. At that time, when the flock begins the first round of flight, the leader will give a voice, and the answer should sound, otherwise the birds may fly away. To do this, you need to play a call-up call on the decoy, and in order not to create a pause in the sound of the bazaar, you should use a separate device.

To make it convenient to control two decoys, you can use the remote control, presetting different radio channels for both imitators.

If you plan to hunt grouse, many use a primitive whistle, but it is not convenient to use, since you have to keep it in your mouth for several hours. It is easier to arm yourself with an electronic decoy: with it, you need to start a scream in response to the invoking voice of a hazel grouse. It is important that in this case it is necessary to refrain from activating the sound looping option, the track should be played once upon a specific request.

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