Lost in the forest - action plan

When going to the forest, on a hike or for mushrooms, it is recommended to inform someone in advance about this, specify which direction you intend to choose and for how long you plan to stay. This will guarantee that if you suddenly do not return home at the designated time, your searches will begin. If you get lost without warning anyone in advance, you should not panic. In most situations of lost people, it was fear that killed, and not hunger, thirst, wild animals.

Mushroom picker

Having lost your way in the forest, you should try to calm down, because in extreme situations a person begins to act impulsively, committing spontaneous and rash actions (running from side to side, crossing water bodies, spending the night on a tree, etc.). In addition, impulsivity leads to various injuries, which makes it difficult to save.

Being without food supplies, you can live a couple of days and escape, acting sensibly. It is recommended that you start calling for help and shouting “ay,” and if you are lucky, mushroom pickers or fishermen nearby. However, if no one responded to cries for help, you should start to act. To begin with it is worth looking around and remember which side you came from. If there is no compass, then you can navigate along natural landmarks, for example, moss on trees grows only from the north, and the anthill is always in the south. Upon reaching the river, it is recommended to head downstream and not accidentally wander into the swamp.

Having chosen a direction, it is necessary to leave a landmark in the place where you got lost, for example, lay down a pile of stones, make a hut from branches. Only go along wide paths, without turning off the road, leaving notes along the way so as not to wander and, if necessary, return to the reference point. On the way, it is recommended to protect yourself from weather conditions (rain, cold, heat). Even wrapped in polyethylene can not get wet and not freeze in the rain.

Hearing the noise of cars, realizing that there is a track nearby, do not rush headlong to the sound, especially at night, since there is a high probability that you can get even more lost. It is better to wait until dawn and along a wide path, leaving marks, move in the direction of the track.

Getting lost near the village, check your phone, if the network catches, call or write to your loved ones, friends about where you are, and without panic, wait for help, trying to save the battery by any means. First of all, turn on the phone in airplane mode to save battery. Having lost your way in the forest, the main thing to remember is that only calm, vigilance and thoughtful actions will help you to be saved and survive.

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