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Distress signals

A distress signal is a message asking for help sent using information, light, gesture and other incarnations from victims. If you are in an extreme situation, you need to find a way to salvation as soon as possible, and for this you need to give a noticeable sign so that other people can notice it from the air, land or water body.

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Protection of apartments for the holidays: whim or necessity?

This article was created with the support of the NVA Center security company. The upcoming vacation takes all your thoughts while you are trying to plan what you need to buy, what places to visit, completely forget about such a fad as protecting the apartment for the duration of the vacation. But during your absence a lot of troubles can happen: fire, flood, robbery ... Thieves are especially active during the holiday season and holidays.

Poisonous berries: photos and names

Poisonous berry Falling into the forest during the ripening season of berries and mushrooms, the inexperienced layman forgets that not all of them are edible and safe. From all the variety of berry plants, it is necessary to distinguish those that hide their poisonous "nature" behind their attractive and bright shell. It is necessary to know for yourself and explain to your children.

How to make a arrowhead

Today, homemade onions are used more for entertainment than for food, as in ancient times. For hunting, a special weapon with arrows is used - a crossbow. However, both tasks are impossible without a correctly made, high-quality tip. You can learn more about how to make a tip for the arrow so that it does not let the archer down.

How to wash a tourist backpack?

A real travel backpack is not easy to wash, because the choice of washing depends on several components. What is important is the type of material from which it is made, additional devices and functions. Often a tourist backpack is equipped with a variety of pockets, items. Not all of them are machine washable or hand washable.

Finnish candle

Fans of outdoor activities, as well as hunters and fishermen, know how important it is to build a bonfire in order not only to warm up, but also to cook camp food on it. This is especially important in winter or in slush, when you constantly need to lay firewood and make sure that the fire does not go out.

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DIY vest

The first tactical unloading vest was born in Italy half a century ago. Its prototype is a belt-shoulder system, consisting of a wide belt with two straps that pounce on the shoulders. Initially, the purpose of the RPS was to place on it ammunition for socks. One of the starting materials for a tactical vest. The main feature of a discharge vest is the pockets.

Catching carp on a feeder in a pond for beginners

Feeder carp fishing is popular among both fishing professionals and beginners. This excitement is explained by the comparative simplicity and, at the same time, the activity of the fishing process. To catch carp on a feeder, many years of skills are not required. It is only important to choose the right gear, place, as well as the bait and bait for the fish, always taking into account the seasonality of the event.

13 indispensable things for outdoor recreation

In the summer, one sometimes wants to break away from the bustle of the city and get out into the countryside, with barbecue and overnight. Is it just worth taking with you to be 100% ready for a weekend trip? Folding barbecue or grill. Among the most important items, a barbecue or grill stands in one of the most important places.

How to choose dishes for cooking barbecue

Properly selected dishes are of particular importance in the preparation of barbecue. It should be safe and practical. When choosing containers for soaking meat, special attention is paid to the material of their manufacture. What should barbecue dishes be made of, and what are the features of its use? In which dishes to marinate barbecue. When preparing meat for barbecue, use various marinades.

How to make a cache in the forest

The concept of "caches" is used in two meanings: a place for shelter and a hiding place, within which are stored the reserves of long-term survival, or autonomous existence. In the first case, a cache is made in order to be able to hide in the forest during an emergency, for example, military operations, and more or less comfortable to wait a while.

Shelter in the forest

The construction of a shelter in the forest does not imply the erection of a capital camp hut or the installation of a tent, but the installation of extreme shelter in the absence of time, lack of tools, strength or health. Shelter in the forest is necessary for survival, when by chance you need to quickly build a place to sleep.

Thermal imager for hunting

The thermal imager for hunting is a truly unique and indispensable thing. This device determines the difference in temperature between objects and catches the approximation of an instance of interest. It allows you to detect the animal at an impressive distance (from one to one and a half km) and observe it for a long time.

How to determine altitude

We all studied geography at school and are familiar with the term "altitude" firsthand. This definition can be found in popular science television programs, on the pages of magazines, newspapers and other media. Let's look at modern ways to determine it. What is the height above sea level? The sea level, relative to which the distance to the object is measured, is a water surface at rest, perpendicular to the resultant forces applied to the mass of water.

How to get food in the forest

No one is safe from the emergence of an extreme situation; even an experienced tourist can get lost in the forest, not to mention the ordinary city dweller. If it happens that the situation forces you to be in the wild for more than a day, you need to take care of the extraction of water and food. How to get food in the forest in order to survive not only in the season of berries and mushrooms, you can learn more.

How to attach a worm to a hook, nozzle rules depending on the type of fish

Every novice fisherman and already having considerable experience knows that one of the most suitable bait is a worm. This simple, at first glance, fish delicacy has its own characteristics, let's figure out how to put the worm on the hook correctly and which varieties are best used. Types of worms used for bait Before you go fishing and plant a worm, it will not be superfluous to figure out what they are like.

What canned goods to take on a hike?

Travelers rarely take canned food with them because they weigh a lot. On the other hand, this is a wonderful provision: nutritious, takes up little space in a backpack and will allow you to eat well in the forest if a person goes camping for several days. If a person decided to travel, then he should know that not all canned goods are suitable for such a pastime.

How to choose a sleeping bag: key features

Going on a hike, every traveler, regardless of whether he is a beginner or a professional, thinks about the choice of camping equipment and equipment. A correctly selected sleeping bag allows you to restore strength in the shortest possible time, and is also convenient and comfortable on a trip. Nowadays, there are many different manufacturers, as well as variations of the sleeping bags themselves, which makes the choice extremely problematic and time-consuming process.